Q:  What do photography services cost?

A:  Depends on what you want you photographed.  Studio visits are priced less than when we visit you.  Prices began at $250 and go up from there.  E-mail for a better idea of pricing:  eric@photobymeyer.com

Q:  How many images to you take at a shoot and how many do I end up with?

A:  Depending on the subject matter and style of the shoot you may shoot a few dozen or a few hundred.  Product and Commercial photography shoots are more about lighting and setup where as senior portraits and family shoots are more "rapid fire".  I typically shoot 4 to 5  times more than I deliver so we can cherry pick the best of the best.  Typical delivery methods are e-mail and dropbox.

Q:  How do I get started?

A:  We start with a consultation via phone or email where the client shares their needs and wants.  Some people have thought about their requirement and have pictures from Google or magazines that they might refer to and send them to us.  More often a person is not sure how to go about hiring a photography services and will call to inquire about "how might this work?".  I think the best time spent is on the front end to nail down exactly what you want, offer thoughts and ideas and creative options and for commercial shoots define what we think drives new business, new customers, leads and sales.

Q:  What makes Photobymeyer different?

A:  I approach shoots with the perspective of creating the very best photos I can produce which is probably like most other photographers do.  My approach is to invest more time and effort than the next guy by taking more time, working more of the details and helping a client uncover what they really want.  Often a person has an idea and 9 times out of 10 they get better results when we work together, brainstorm and experiment.  From a commercial photography standpoint, my role is to generate bottom line.  My role is not to sell photographs, my focus is to make your cash register sing.  My small business ownership background (before I started my photography career) allows me to easily walk in the shoes of a client as I've been there before to.  I'm a photographer that grew a small garage business to a 25 million dollar business working with the Government and US military.  In 2001 our company was fortunate to win the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.  This was accomplished by unconventional thinking, continuous improvement, striving for perfection and heavy collaboration.  I tend to identify and gel with those people that have those same mindsets as habit.  

Q:  Why do you cost more?

A:  Hahaha.  That's a great question.  Here is how I'll answer that:  There are many more low-ball, low quality photographer hacks out there than you can imagine.  What people rarely see is the cost of a true professional with 40 or 50 thousand dollars worth of gear.  If you look around the Indianapolis area you'll find companies that price photo shoots at 2 to $3,000 per day to those that charge 100.  I am not the lowest and I'm certainly not the highest (those guys are THAT good---but you pay for it).  If you are budget minded than I suggest you shop around and make sure you look at the photographers portfolio.  If you're looking for higher quality at a great price point then I might be your call.  Call me and let's figure that out.  I'll be straight with you if you should spend much more with a more costly pro or choose a local part-time photographer because their price fits your budget and their quality is good enough for what you need.  You can reach me via email at:  eric@photobymeyer.com or by phone:  317.752.9358.