Indianapolis to Antarctica

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^ It all started in January of 2016 when a close friend of 30 years, Lori of Orlando Florida, called me w this question:  "John can't go, are you interested?".  John is Lori's husband, also a great friend) and owns a growing commercial pool business in Florida.  He was unable to go to support Lori, an avid recreational runner w dozens of marathons and half marathons to her credit.  It turns out Lori, scheduled to run the Antrartica marathon in 2017 was on the bump list.  She received a phone call from the organizers last minute as there was a free spot open. She jumped on it, asked her hubby he sadly declined and she called me.  "I'm in!" followed by "what the heck do you need me to do?".  What follows is a description of that trip along w several documenting pictures of this 3 week adventure.


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Ushuaia  lkdfkdlk




Our home for the next 10 days would be the USS XYZ.  A former ice breaker and soviet spy ship the USS XYZ at 77 m in length would house 100 runners and family.

arrival to the ship

Across Drake's Passage

We would cross Drakes Passage where the Southern Atlantic and Pacific collide.  This pictures shows an usually calm day during our 10 day journey.  On the return trip we would see waves and swells 8 meters high as reporting by the ship's staff.

ship bow shot


Deluxe Berth has an attached bathroom.  The items on the desk were later removed as the rolling of the ship became strong enough to slide everything off the table.